Preparation of Technical Design, and Supervision of works for the Remediation of The Mine tailings disposal facility Gradac

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  • Client:
    Ministarstvo održivog razvoja i turizma, Agencija za zaštitu životne sredine
  • Date:
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  • Location:
    Pljevlja, Crna Gora

The main activity of this project is preparation of Technical Design Documentation of the mine tailings disposal facility Gradac – Pljevlja which include measures to reduce and/or eliminate environmental and humane risk, risk for migration of the contaminants and reduction of possible future environmental liabilities as well as the supervision for the successful implementation.


The project consists of the following phases:

  • Phase I: Technical Design Documentation for remediation of mine tailings disposal facility Gradac – Plevlja
  • Phase II: Preparation of Bidding Documents and Assisting the procurement process
  • Phase III: Supervision on implementation of the remediation for mine tailings disposal facility Gradac – Plevlja.